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Improper construction, termite infestations and a settling foundation can all cause structural problems in your home. That's why The Ohio Basement Company provides foundation and structural repair services for homeowners in Akron & Canton, OH.

You can count on our experienced crew to fix your foundation, waterproof your basement, repair your structure and encapsulate your crawl space efficiently. Trust our basement waterproofing company to get your home's structure in top shape.

Is your home sitting on a firm foundation?

Do you know the signs that your home needs foundation repair services? If the answer is no, check out this list of common household problems that could be red flags for foundation damage:

  • Your cabinets or counters are separating from the wall
  • Your doors and windows stick or won't close
  • Your walls are starting to crack or bow
  • Your crawl space is damp or flooded
  • Your floors are sagging or uneven

Have you noticed these issues? Contact us today to schedule a free foundation consultation in Akron & Canton, OH.

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Tired of scouring the internet for a reliable basement waterproofing company? Trust The Ohio Basement Company to provide the waterproofing or foundation repair services that you need. Unlike other businesses in Akron & Canton, OH, we've worked on over 400 local homes. You can count on our crew to have the necessary experience to get your job done right.

Our experts always:

  • Use top-of-the-line equipment and materials
  • Arrive on time, offer fair pricing and work efficiently
  • Clean up after ourselves and leave your home looking beautiful
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